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Ticket sales are final.

You will enter the Train of Terror at your own risk. Before you board the train you will need to complete a Train of Terror waiver and show photo ID. For this event, you must be at least 18 years of age. Aspen Crossing has the right to refuse entry to the Train of Terror to anyone. This includes, but is not limited to: disrespectful behaviour, poor person space skills or intoxication. These persons will not receive a refund.


Haunt Warnings:

Not for the faint of heart! Intense audio and lighting, low/no visibility, strobe and fog effects, damp and wet conditions (you might get fake blood, slime or water on you), physically tight spaces and demanding environments (stepping over large obstacles, crouching, crawling, stairs), close contact with actors and props (you might get touched), graphic scenes and extreme horror. You must be dressed appropriately (no high heals or platform shoes. No bulky costumes). Guests are expected to keep their hands to themselves, touching props or actors will not be tolerated.
DO NOT enter If:

Injured, pregnant, claustrophobic, have had seizures, any heart conditions, respiratory problems, or are prone to reacting inappropriately when frightened. This includes but is not limited to: running, acting physical or having panic attacks.


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