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STARTS OCT 9, 2020

Aspen Crossing Correctional Facility

TRAIN OF TERROR - Moving Haunted Experience (18+) - October 2020


A crime has been committed and all persons on the grounds at Aspen Crossing are suspects.  Were you involved?  Make your way through the Crime Scene. You will have to go before the judge to determine whether or not you will be charged.  If charged you will be sent to Aspen Crossing Correctional Facility.  Will you make it through transport to the prison?  Be careful, the ride will be full of convicted prisoners on their way to the facility too. If they get loose, the results would be catastrophic.


Hopefully you will arrive at the facility safely.  If  you do, stay away from the Warden's house!  He is deeply disturbed and it is said  that anyone who goes in doesn't come out.  Entrance is not advised, even if invited in.


Upon arrival, check in at The Station. You will then make your way through Phase 1, the crime scene.  Gather some liquid courage and try to solve clues with your fellow haunt enthusiasts. Then board the train to plead your case to the judge and see if you will be taken into holding.  Thus begins Phase 2, you will have to journey through the railway cars.  Stay out of the way of the other prisoners, they are fairly unstable.  If you make it to Phase 3, you will arrive at the Aspen Crossing Correctional Facility. In this haunt, you'll discover the prison grounds and Wardens house.  Beware his house is full of disturbing things.  Can you make it through?


Entire experience is approximately 2 hours. Train of Terror includes 2 haunts, a 1.5 hour train ride, spaces for visiting with friends, as well as food and drinks for purchase.

$76.66​  (18+)

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