TRAIN OF TERROR... Nightmare


What if you could walk into another person’s dream? Experience an unimaginable world inside the unconscious mind of another human being. That’s exactly what the Dreamland Corporation has been researching. Their cutting-edge technology has transported test subjects’ wildest dreams into reality. But these sweet dreams, as it turns out, are actually hideous nightmares.


Your evening begins when you check in at the fully transformed train station. Now known as, Dreamland Corp. Then, make your way through Phase 1, a uniquely haunted maze, made from the dreams of the first set of volunteer test subjects. Once you escape, board the moving research train and enjoy some hospitalities and drinks for purchase. But this nightmare is far from over. Next, journey through the Train of Terror’s haunted railway cars, the set of Phase 2. In this haunt, discover the second stage of research, where these test subject dreams are frightening, sinister and extremely disturbing. If you make it through with your sanity intact, join the gathering on the other side, ending the train tour in good company, with food and drinks for purchase. Before departing for the night, you may even discover the Dreamland Corporation’s plans for Phase 3, a highly top secret experiment.


Will you be able to leave these dreadful nightmares behind you? Or will you leave forever haunted and among the next group of test subjects?


Entire experience is approximately 2 hours. Train of Terror includes 2 haunts, a 1.5 hour train ride, spaces for visiting with friends, as well as drinks and food for purchase.

$66.6​  (18+)

Just Southeast of Calgary!
1 km west of ​Mossleigh, AB on Highway #24.

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